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Got an idea? Make it happen

If you’ve got a passion for art or technology, our residency could be the best way to develop your vision.

Tell us about it and we’ll see if we can help you make it a reality.

"My time as a resident at Room One helped me to grow as an artist in ways I never could have expected."

Beatriz Fernandes

Application Process


Applications accepted all year round

Room One residencies are open all year round. Applicants are encouraged to send in their applications any time of the year.


Quality & originality of work evaluated

Applicants are chosen based on quality of work, originality, inventiveness & the diversity of the artist’s concept.


Shortlisted applicants interviewed

Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview with a specially selected panel to ganer a better understanding of the artist’s vision.


Applicant selected by the committee

The final selection is made after the selection committee meets & discusses the attributes of the applicant’s proposal.


Do I have to pay for the residency and when can I apply?

The residency and the application process are free and open all year round.

Will I have to keep a record of my work?

Resident Artists are asked to keep some kind of documentation of their time with us. This can come in the form of photos, sketches or notes.

What about accommodation and living costs?

Residents are responsible for their accommodation and living costs. If they require additional equipment, materials or supplies not available at Room One, then these will also need to be provided by the resident. If requested, Room One can provide letters of support or suggest potential contacts for those applying for outside funding.

Will I be able to show my work to the public?

Artists can arrange a small internal showing towards the end of their residency. These showings are not productions or performances but a part of the development process.

Will any of Room One’s companies be interested in producing my work?

Projects of particular interest may be chosen by one of our production companies for further development.

Can I work with and learn from the Room One companies?

There is the opportunity to observe how our many companies operate and gain an understanding of new disciplines and methods of working.

Where will I be working?

Residents are free to use the Study Centre at any time during working hours. The Studio is also open to residents, providing it is not being used by hires or staff at the same time. If you require more access to the Studio, this can be arranged in advance.

Will I be working alone?

That’s up to you. Staff and other residents are using the Study Centre at all times. But, the atmosphere is conducive to quiet, concentrated work. If you’ve arranged time in the Studio, probably for practical purposes, then that will guarantee you total privacy. Many residents prefer to do their studious work in the Centre as the interaction with others proves beneficial to their process.


Feel free to get in touch with us directly for specific questions about our residency programmes

00 44 (0)20 7251 9417


To apply, write to with the residency application form attached.


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