RESIDENT FROM Nov 15 - Dec 15


Room One Space | Visual Arts

When I came to Room One as a resident artist I had just finished a two year project. Coming into a different space and meeting new people helped me to approach an original project with a renewed vision.
My time at Room One has greatly informed my artistic vision. In particular, the close contact I experienced with other artists led to dialogues that enriched and stimulated my creative desire.
I created a collection of non-referential drawings that depicted the deep sea far out from the land. The piece suggests the disappearance of time and identity. In several of the images the sea implies a sense of loss and fragmentation that is only enhanced by its repetition. Memory of a Non-Place freezes that moment of passage, where we stand between one place and the other, between the past and the future.
Looking back, I can observe a clear distinction between the artist that entered the residency programme and the artist that emerged from it. In particular, I am aware that I have more professional autonomy, allowing my work to develop in more mature ways.
Memory of a Non-Place won the Spring 2016 Gazelli Art House Window Project.

Ana Beatriz Fernandes is a Portuguese artist based in London. Her work often raises questions around the themes of identity, memory and time. In most of her pieces Ana Beatriz explores the importance of the other in the understanding of the self, questioning the way personal identity is built when faced with an ever-growing multicultural and media dominated society. She expresses her thoughts through different mediums, such as drawing, photography and painting. Ana Beatriz has lived and worked in Lisbon, Budapest and London.

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