RESIDENT FROM Mar 15 - Apr 15


Room One Studio | Performing Arts

My residency was invaluable in kickstarting my independent career as an artist.

I am interested in theatre that arises from mystery rather than certainty. By stepping away from the political, social and currently topical, I hope to focus on the more permanent intricacies that link us – that which is often repressed and dismissed by reason and logic. I believe that drama lies in those things we consider taboo, for it is in the ‘abnormal’ that our fears and hopes are most deeply rooted. Theatre has the power to strip away assumptions and learnings by bringing our situation into the realm of the fictitious, which releases judgement and allows us to suspend the barrier between belief and knowledge.

I came to Room One to devise a new piece of solo theatre work. My vision was to create something that would clarify the type of theatre I wanted to work on in the future and to make a piece that would act as a springboard for my career as a writer/actor. The story I was looking to tell was one about human hope and disappointment in the search for immortality.

In the studio I explored how to develop a piece entirely on my own, using the space to work through devising characters from scratch. The spaces are very versatile and calming: it is easy to focus and feel creative in them, and the Room One staff are incredibly welcoming and helpful. As well as being constantly on hand to offer feedback on your work they also give privacy and space to the residents. I felt very supported in all aspects.

Since my residency I have grown in confidence and continued to create my own work. My time at Room One was invaluable in kickstarting my independent career as an artist, and I have them to thank for giving me the chance to start the journey.

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