RESIDENT FROM May 15 - May 15


Room One Studio | Performing Arts

We were offered a month long residency with Room One in order to develop our second piece, Jericho Creek. At the time we were very much still working on developing our style and aesthetic as a company. This opportunity afforded us the time and space to hone these elements of our work and also the chance to expand and solidify our core ensemble of performers. The residency provided us with a vital stepping stone in furthering our style of work and ourselves as a company.

Since our residency in May 2015 we have been working on a project for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Our piece, titled They Built It. No One Came, was shortlisted for the Charlie Hartill Award at the Pleasance Theatre and we were subsequently offered a platform there for the duration of the festival. We will be performing previews at The Cockpit Theatre and the New Diorama Theatre. Fledging have now expanded internationally after one of our company founders established a base for Fledgling Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

Without the help and space offered to us by Room One it would have been a lot harder to have made the same amount of progress in the last year. Their generosity and creative assurance were invaluable to our process.

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