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Room One Studio | Performing Arts

I came to Room One with a completely open mind and just one desire: to search.

I began by experimenting in the space with my actors, using a variety of different storytelling methods, including games and improvisations. We worked physically, using the contents of the room and ended up utilising a variety of different items as props in our final showing.

A vital part of my work as a director and theatre maker is to learn and apply invaluable new ways of thinking creatively and discovering original processes. That’s exactly what I aimed for when I came to Room One.

Room One was a bright and vibrant place to rehearse. The staff were cheerful and attentive, making us feel at home and promptly helping us with any creative requirements. We never had to wait very long for an answer to any of our queries about the spaces.

While I did not attempt to change my usual methods of creating new work I did find myself engaging with new actors and this has led to a change in my company, UrbnTheatr’s ethos. Working with a talented group of international actors from Europe and the USA has led to me working to establish UrbnTheatr on a wider global scale.

My vision for The Ones was connected to my complete vision for the artistic imprint of UrbnTheatr, which is to create new, original work on what needs to be said here and now. The thing that concerned me the most was how people can live in a reality that reinforces individuality, particularity and fragmentation.

We had the pleasure of officially presenting The Ones at the Arts Theatre in November. Now we are going to present it at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, from August 5th to August 13th at Greenside Theatre – Royal Terrace, Jade Studio.

To be so fully supported by Room One, without any demands or unhelpful pressure, was invaluable to the development of the project. I felt nurtured and encouraged at every step and I am truly thankful for that.

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